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As promised, I'm uploading pictures of the corner store that's been lurking in New Berlin for a while. I hate boasting but it's definitely one of my better community lots, not to mention it's actually in the grimy/urban style that I happen to like the best. :P

Auma Corner Store.. )

Also included in this post is some pictures from a house that I've been working on and off for a while now.. I got inspiration to do it after passing this little tiny bright blue house with so much outdoor deco and clutter my eyes almost exploded. The sim, who I have not yet taken pictures of [Or given a proper name to..] is what inspired the inside however. She's a very shy girl who is stuck living in her childhood, thus most clutter in her house is slightly pre-teenish.

20 Blueberry Lane.. )
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I've been busy making community lots. I've grown kind of weary of playing sims right now unfortunately. So I started making a more defined "Downtown" in New Berlin. One of my first stores that I think I'm pretty proud of, is this little cute thing....
I decided to try my hand again at making a "clean" lot, which was certainly a refreshing change! I thought it was going to be kind of a challenge to build some kid-friendly but shortly after building I realized I had a LOT of kiddie crap that was just wasting away in my catalog. xD Well I'm glad I at least got some use out of some of it.

Anywho, onto the pictures!

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Just So You Know: I actually posted this on the 13th on LJ, I use LJ FAR more than I do Dreamwidth so the "cross-posting" feature on this site isn't too helpful to me. Sorry for the delay of updating on here.

Welp. I went into my old neighborhood to play with Chris and Winter, only to find that their house was extremely fucked up. Instead of wasting my time trying to fix the problems I moved them into New Berlin and gave them a nice small home on Auma Street. I've spent the past couple of days tinkering with the lot but I'm not satisfied with it completely yet. I will post pictures when it's done though!
Anyway, here's how Chris spent his first day in New Berlin while Winter was at work..

Attack of the Ninjas! )

I guess that's it for now. <3 Happy Valentines Day, if you're celebrating it.
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I got a new laptop on Friday, and I've been pretty busy setting it up..
I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with the graphics, especially with TS2. I also finally have more room to just download things besides sims stuff and maybe I can actually put a different game on here ;)

Anyway, I finished up a house and to celebrate the better graphics I decided to picture spam a bit..

+ 17 )

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Thanks to The Cafe contest at GoS, I made a Potion Shop inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. I ended up expanding on this idea after the fact, actually making a "Witch Maggie" who really does own The Potion Shop!
After spending a day creating her house, I figured why not picture spam since it's been a while.. [Plus I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.]


+ 009 )
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For the past week I've been playing these two little darlings as much as possible. [Especially since I coincidentally twisted my ankle..]
Anyway. I started off with two sims, Anette and Daniel.

If you could only know.. )
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All in one post! -phew- I have got some work cut out for me. xD

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, A Happy Kwanzaa, A joyful Hanukkah and what have you! [Don't forget kiddies, National Egg Nog Day is on the 24 ;D]
I hope everyone gets everything that they've wanted, Both Psychically and Emotionally.

Now, onto important matters...

You, Unworthy Child, are now an inmate of The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls... )

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With Love,

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Well I decided to actually USE this thing, especially since most Sims users use DW over LJ to begin with.

So lets see, First off, 'ello to everyone I randomly added! I'm TeacupxTrauma over on GoS, and on LJ. :P

Also, I finally got a decent layout up and running, as per usual with me, I'd love to hear your opinions/constructive criticism.

I guess I'm going to do it like many other LJ users do it, just feed their posts over here as well.
I'm not much of a creator but I'm an avid Sim picture spammer.
I've dipped my hands into the creator thing a tiny bit, but I'm REALLY only skilled at hair recolors :P

Anywho, I guess that's it for now! <3
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I decided to get my lazy bum into gear and make one of these.

<3 Just sayin'

With Love,



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