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For the past week I've been playing these two little darlings as much as possible. [Especially since I coincidentally twisted my ankle..]
Anyway. I started off with two sims, Anette and Daniel.

Daniel is probably the equivalent of the perfect man. He's a poet and a musician. He's probably the biggest Casanova I've ever had in my game, but he never fails at being completely kind and gentle. His hobby is cooking, and when the time is right he likes to unwind with video games.

Not Anette on the other hand is kind of different. She's shy, and extremely goofy. She loves to paint and garden. She's a family sim and is pretty loyal to anyone that befriends her, which is probably a good thing. She adores animals and children, and you can definitely tell by the way she carries herself, she's meant to be a mother.

They basically hit it off, which is not really surprising at all if you think about it, I think their personalities really fit together well.

They also go out regularly. Daniel really loves to show Anette off. They're also not above PDA. -rolls eyes-

And she never fails to make a fool out of herself :P

While being really shy she loves making friends. Vanessa[on the left.. Not like that isn't basically obvious..] is actually a huge friend of the family, but mainly being Anette's best friend. They love talking about Vanessa's obsession with airships.

And here's a couple of the wedding. I didn't get to take a picture of the actually ceremony. Go figure. xD

What is that?! Is that... a baby bump?! -dun dun duuuuuuuuun-

That's all for now :]
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