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I've been busy making community lots. I've grown kind of weary of playing sims right now unfortunately. So I started making a more defined "Downtown" in New Berlin. One of my first stores that I think I'm pretty proud of, is this little cute thing....
I decided to try my hand again at making a "clean" lot, which was certainly a refreshing change! I thought it was going to be kind of a challenge to build some kid-friendly but shortly after building I realized I had a LOT of kiddie crap that was just wasting away in my catalog. xD Well I'm glad I at least got some use out of some of it.

Anywho, onto the pictures!

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Just So You Know: I actually posted this on the 13th on LJ, I use LJ FAR more than I do Dreamwidth so the "cross-posting" feature on this site isn't too helpful to me. Sorry for the delay of updating on here.

Welp. I went into my old neighborhood to play with Chris and Winter, only to find that their house was extremely fucked up. Instead of wasting my time trying to fix the problems I moved them into New Berlin and gave them a nice small home on Auma Street. I've spent the past couple of days tinkering with the lot but I'm not satisfied with it completely yet. I will post pictures when it's done though!
Anyway, here's how Chris spent his first day in New Berlin while Winter was at work..

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I guess that's it for now. <3 Happy Valentines Day, if you're celebrating it.


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