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teacupxtrauma ([personal profile] teacupxtrauma) wrote2010-12-04 04:08 pm

Auma Corner Store + 20 Blueberry Lane

As promised, I'm uploading pictures of the corner store that's been lurking in New Berlin for a while. I hate boasting but it's definitely one of my better community lots, not to mention it's actually in the grimy/urban style that I happen to like the best. :P

The stairs lead to the bathroom. There wasn't enough room on the first floor for one!

My favorite, I really didn't have a hard time finding coffee-esque wall clutter. :P

Also included in this post is some pictures from a house that I've been working on and off for a while now.. I got inspiration to do it after passing this little tiny bright blue house with so much outdoor deco and clutter my eyes almost exploded. The sim, who I have not yet taken pictures of [Or given a proper name to..] is what inspired the inside however. She's a very shy girl who is stuck living in her childhood, thus most clutter in her house is slightly pre-teenish.

I've ALWAYS wanted to use that damn quilt somewhere... I'm glad I finally found a damn place for it!

The bathroom... which is very small, so it was extremely hard to photograph >_< Sorry folks, I hate huge bathrooms!